Painting a Bedroom

February 23, 2012
Painting a Bedroom

Painting a Bedroom

We’re reaching that time of the year, yep you guessed it, spring clean time. This is seen as a daunting time of the year when the house is turned over top to bottom and every speck of dust is sought out. To add to the list why not do something to spruce up your home? Free up some time and get around to painting a bedroom.

Painting a bedroom can give a room a new lease of life and give it a whole new look. If your asking yourself “but wait, how do I paint a wall?” then you may want to read our top tips for painting a bedroom;

Tip 1 – Choose a colour that suits the room and the lighting within the room.

Tip 2 – Remove everything that can be removed such as ornaments and anything that you can lift and store away while the paintings taking place.

Tip 3 – Cover the floor and any other immovable objects such as beds and wardrobes with newspaper to avoid splashing them with paint.

Tip 4 – Use tape to cover the edges of skirting boards and light bulbs and on the sides of the ceilings. Use this as your starting point. Use a small brush to paint around these edges as this will avoid getting paint in areas you want to keep clean and will speed up the overall process.

Tip 5 – When painting a bedroom user a roller. This will speed up things an ensure an even coat is given. Some rooms may need two coats depending on their size and the colour of the paint.

Next time someone asks you how do I paint a wall? keep the above in mind. It may seem like a lot of work at first but it’s worth it in the end and can be done for next to nothing.


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