How to Bleed a Radiator

February 29, 2012


A simple way of making your home more energy efficient could be through bleeding a radiator. Many people completely overlook this as a way of reducing heating costs. When new water enters you central heating system air accompanies it.

What happens over time is air builds up and less hot water can reach the radiator. This means the radiators are less effective but still cost as much to run. So, how to bleed a radiator. Simple! Below are our top tips on how to bleed a radiator;

First – Fit a bleed key into the bleed valve which can be located on the end or the back of the radiator.

Second – Wrap some cloth or tissue around the key to avoid being splashed by any hot water.

Third – Turn the bleed key COUNTER CLOCKWISE until you hear a loud hissing noise.

Fourth – Stop when water begins to drizzle out.

Bleeding a radiator couldn’t be easier and once you’ve done the whole house you’ll notice a significant difference in the level of heat being emitted. Happy heating!


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