Household Tax Ireland

March 6, 2012
Household Tax Ireland

Household Tax Ireland

As we know the household tax is quite unpopular and in reaction to this unpopularity the government has threatened households who don’t pay with fines and sanctions.

The current legislation states that the household tax payment must be made by the end of March with 1.8 million households to register by then. Information about the household tax Ireland;

  • The cost                                                         €100 per year
  • Date to be paid by                                           March 31st
  • Fine for failing to register by 31st March            Fine of up to €2,500
  • Households have not yet registered                   98.3% 

So what’s the process for people who fail to register and pay the household tax online? Well you can’t be just sent out a fine and ordered to pay.

Under current legislation households who don’t register have to be taken to court and have a case proved against them to show that they did not register.

That means that if say 1 million people don’t pay the household tax they will all have to be taken to court which seems highly unlikely. For more information on the household tax Ireland check out http://nohouseholdtax.org.


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