Home Security How to Stay Safe

March 9, 2012

Every home owner has that fear of a break-in. Whether it be at night, when you’re at work or when you’re on holidays it’s always there. We spoke previously about different methods of avoiding having your home broken into but we’ve been researching and come up with some more. So if your wondering about home security read some of our top tips;

  • When moving into a new house or apartment have the locks changed
  • Make your home appear occupied at all times with timed lights
  • If your alarm goes off regularly get it fixed. Neighbours ignore alarms that frequently go off
  • Never hide keys under pots or in a letterbox
  • Prune trees that cover windows as they give burglars cover when breaking in
  • Never leave notes for tradesmen or family members on the door, your inviting someone to break-in

The above home security how to stay safe tips are easy to implement and can protect your home and family from intruders. Advise your neighbours about home security and how to stay safe as the best home protection is a watchful neighbour. Happy Friday.





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