How to Clean Gutters

March 12, 2012

March is the perfect time to clean the gutters with leaves and debris still easy to move while damp from the winter rain. Gutters move all the moisture that builds up on the roof away from your home and ensures water is transported into drains as opposed to straight off your roof.

How to Clean Gutters

How to Clean Gutters

Many people pay often extortionate amounts of money ranging from 100-199 euro because they don’t now how to clean gutters properly. If you’re wondering how to clean gutters in a safe and effective manner here are our top tips;

  • Use a sturdy ladder and prop it against a solid wall. Avoid placing it up against a downspout or gutter which can break easily.
  • Remove debris with a garden trowel or a designated gutter scoop.
  •  Put debris in a bag that you can drop on the ground when full.
  • To test for leaks run some water through the gutter with a hose in order to identify any areas that need repair.

Only clean the gutters when the ground is dry and there’s no threat of rain. Put safety first and take your time while at work. It’s recommended that you have someone at hand to hold the ladder and help you when needed.  Cleaning gutters can be physically demanding so keep this in mind before you consider trying it yourself.






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