Creating an Organic Vegetable Garden

March 21, 2012

Creating an Organic Garden

Creating an Organic Garden

“How do I create an organic vegetable garden?” Well it’s not instant and may take some time in order to perfect the required techniques. The real question you should be asking is “why am I creating an organic vegetable garden?”.

Organic gardening has stood the test of time as the healthiest method of growing vegetables. It results in the growth of natural, chemical free food. As well as that it’s a hobby!

Think of organic gardening as a lifestyle. The vegetables that end up on your table are grown chemical free so you don’t have to worry about your family consuming pesticides. Your healthy diet will coincide with you being out in the fresh air and getting regular exercise while tending to your crops.

But how do I start my organic garden?

The first step is sourcing seeds. Check out local garden centres or buy online and avail of a wider selection of seeds. If you are starting your organic garden from seeds it’s beneficial to start your seeds indoors as they have a higher chance of surviving.

Plant seeds where there’s good lighting and ensure you don’t go overboard on the watering.


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