Household Tax Ireland – Updated

March 26, 2012
Household Tax Ireland

Household Tax Ireland

After some recent developments we decided it would be appropriate to update our previous post on the household tax Ireland. In terms of registration the number of people that have now registered has risen to 328,201 as of 23rd March.

There is roughly 1,730,000 properties due to pay the household tax and currently only 18% have paid. The big worry for many people is the fine that will be put in place if the tax is paid. The following are fines that can be issued;

  • Tax payments made between April 1st and June 30th – 10% i.e. ten euro.
  • Tax payments made between Juy 1st and December 31st 20% i.e. twenty euro.
  • Tax payments made after January 1st 2013 will receive a 30% fine i.e. thirty euro 
  • Late payment of 1% per month i.e. one euro per month


The Household Tax legislation states that anyone who doesn’t register their liability or pay the charge by 31st March 2012 will be guilty of an offence. If convicted – they will be liable to a maximum fine of €2500.

In Dublin over the weekend thousands of demonstrators attended a protest against the household tax Ireland. More than 2,000 people jammed into the National Stadium to show support.


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