How To Build A Garden Pond

April 17, 2012

A pond can give great life to a garden but can be costly to have installed. Today we’re going to show you how to make a garden pond with visual aids courtsy of the guys at instructables.

The steps are easy to follow but to begin you’ll need the following items;

  • shovel
  • trowel
  • hose
  • plank of wood
  • spirit level
  • pond liner
  • sand/liner underlay/newspaper
  • bricks

Step 1:

How To Build A Garden Pond

How To Build A Garden Pond

Get digging! Base the size of the hole on the amount of space you have available to you. Leave extra room at the sides so rocks can be put in.

Use the plank of wood and spirit level to determine how even the sides are and adjust if necessary. It’ll be near impossible to get it spot on the first time.


Step 2:

Building A Garden Pond

Building A Garden Pond

Take your liner, which you can get from any garden centre, and use it to cover the hole. Use bricks to hold down the liner and your hand or feet to press the liner snugly into the walls of the hole.


Step 3:

Building A Pond

Building A Pond

When you’re happy with where the liner is placed fill the pond up half way with water and place bricks around the edges. Use this time to ensure you’re happy with the shape and size of the pond.


Step 4:

Making A Garden Pond

Making A Garden Pond

Once your completely happy with the overall look begin to fill in the dirt you gathered when digging the hole. If you want to put in a small pump or fountain then make sure you do this before you fill in the dirt.

Use cement to fill in any gaps between the bricks and leave to dry for 3-4 hours.

Step 5:

How To Build A Fish Pond

How To Build A Fish Pond

Find or buy some slate style rocks like the ones in the above image and you can give your pond a really nice finish.

What else? Sit back and enjoy. Hope you found this post useful.




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