Home Security Tips – Day 2

April 24, 2012

Hey guys,

We hope you found yesterday’s post useful. Today we’re going to focus on home security systems that you can use to protect your home.

While these can be costly they can can scare off a lot of potential thieves who won’t risk getting caught in the act.

Here are some alarming figures for crime in Ireland;

  • 4.12% increase taking place between July 2010 and June 2011.
  • Dublin ranks highest for break-ins accounting for 42% of the overall figure.
Home Security Tips

Home Security Tips

The following are three ways in which you can scare off a burglar from coming near your home.

Motion Sensors – Motion sensors are a great way of scaring off potential thieves and can be purchased and installed cheaply. You can have these put up at your front/back door or both and are highly effective.

Guard Dog – A dog can be a brilliant way of scaring off thieves but make sure you have the time to take care of it. Stick up a “beware of dog” sign on a side gate to give prior warning to anyone looking to break in.

Alarm System – A good alarm system can be dear to have fitted but it’s probably the second most effective method of home security. Ring a number of different providers to avail of the best quote.

The most effective method of home security is being security conscious which is what we’ll focus on in tomorrow’s post


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