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Home Security Tips – Being Security Conscious

April 25, 2012
Home Security Tips

Home Security Tips

Today’s post is all about being security conscious and while many of these security tips may seem quite obvious many people don’t use them.

Thieves look for an easy target and will avoid any premises that may involve alerting the owner or people inĀ surroundingĀ homes.

The following are our 7 tips for being security conscious;

  • This should go without saying but never leave a spare key under a flower pot.
  • Always lock windows and doors if you’re leaving the house.
  • Never leave car keys within view of the front/back door or windows.
  • If a salesperson calls ask to see ID never let one in your home without it!
  • Keep trees and plants near windows pruned as these will allow a thief to have cover while breaking in
  • Be careful about what you post on social media sites as you never know who’s watching to see when you’l be away
  • When you move into a new home have all the locks changed. It’s better to be safe than sorry