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How to Build a Garden Bench

April 13, 2012
How to Build a Garden Bench

How to Build a Garden Bench

Hey Guys,

For the next week we’re going to run posts on how to build different things for use in the garden or around the home. Today’s post will look at how to build a garden bench.

Garden benches can be dear to buy and while they look great a handmade bench will look one hundred times better. So, how to build a garden bench? Here’s our top tips on how to do the job from start to finish;

  1. Pick where you want to put the bench and measure the space
  2. Buy a plank of wood from a local timber provider and ask them to trim it to the desired size. It should be at least 2.5 inches thick
  3. Go to your local tree trimming company or firewood supplier and get them to cut two sections from a log roughly 2.5 foot long
  4. When getting the logs cut ensure they are cut so the angle at the top is straight to allow the plank to rest securely
  5. Place the two stumps in your garden and the plank on top. For extra security you can drill some screws from the plank into the stumps.

It’s not going to look smooth and slick like one you’d buy in a shop but it’ll have a lot of character and look great in your garden.