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How to Make a Garden Look Great

March 2, 2012

We constantly see crazy ads online with pictures of before and after weight loss. Pictures of people that have made great transformations and have a completely new outlook on life. Well, were going to break the mould and have a before and after garden comparison post without the crazy gimmicks.

If your wondering how to make a garden look great and want to get cracking or simply need some motivation we’ve got just what you need. Spring gardening needs to begin now! It’s the second of March, the weekend is upon us and the sun’s out what more can you ask for?

Here’s some motivation to get your spring gardening under way.

How to make a garden

How to make a garden

This is a simple transformation but look at the difference! Grass cut and tree trimmed and there you have it, simple. If you haven’t already get pruning and give your lawn it’s first cut of the year.

If the above hasn’t answered how to make a garden look great the next before and after image will. Look at the difference some simple flowers can make to a dull surrounding. While the granite separation would naturally be costly you could still reseed the grass and add a flower bed and have a great looking garden.

How to make a garden look great

How to make a garden look great


Spring gardening is upon us folks and if you want to have a garden transformation that you can be proud of then get started now. Have a great weekend!