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Energy Saving Methods

February 16, 2012

Reducing energy use and in turn the money you spend go hand in hand. The less energy you use the less it costs you and the more money you have to spend or save. Reducing the amount of energy you use isn’t easy and but it can make some noticeable differences in the piggy bank. Here are some of our top energy saving methods;

Energy Saving Methods

Energy Saving Methods

  • Take a shower over a bath – while we know baths can be a great way to relax after a hard day they use 80% more energy than a shower

  • Fix a dripping hot tap – May seem like common sense but a dripping hot tap can fill 3/4 of a bath over the course of a week

  • When wahing clothes in a washing machine – Fill it!! A half load setting can use more than 50% of a full load

  • Water tank and pipe insulation – These can be cheap and easy to buy and install and dramatically increase the amount of time water retains heat

    Why not give the above a shot? You’ve very little to loose and a lot to gain. Its the little changes that make the difference. Happy savings!!